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Fate of the Christmas terrariums

The bulbs hanging from the pot rack created a surreal vision as I flowed through the kitch at night throughout December and January. The Houston sky is never completely dark and the globes were floating and colors reflected in a way that was impossible to capture with my cell phone camera. There was a magic of moving through the house while Mr. C. was asleep. I was the night owl prowling around with these creations in sight.

My original plan was to track growth, but all of the plants ultimately, except two of the same type, died either dried up or overcome by mold. I recently moved the survivors to a new location, thinking that a more suitable sunny condition might promote growth rather than just maintaining their unchanged status in the kitchen window.

I was reminded twice this week with queries to post an update. So, this is the outcome of the project: two survivors. It's funny and surprising in an unexpected way because all the things I read were intended to select carefullly from the optimal species and keep the plants from overgrowing with minimal water. Not an issue with this set, my first pass.

--Zacks 3/15/2022

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