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Do you take time for reflection? I've spent years on-the-go without taking any time to think in creative mode about my aspirations. I want to create sculptures that are constantly evolving out of a vision of what I want to build in this world. Join me here in brainstorming about how to evoke reflection.

Board 1: Play-to-Win

Have you ever tried to rig your days so that you win at everything you do? Here I document my daily wins - set at achieving 10 per day. I eventually ran out of post-it notes and realized that the ultimate transformation challenge of my coach was completed. Dig in and try this exercise any which way it starts and ends for you.


This was a perfect way to kick off my day - with a pat on the back.


Board 2: Duty Tradeoff

Coming soon

Board 3: Evening Mantras

Coming soon

Board 4: Gray Consciousness

The Process of Understanding Gray

Here I followed the progression of the day by cataloging each event and assigning it a P and / or W, then took the sum of each. Interesting, the day produced a net balance between the two. I don't show the full list of events in order to protect the innocent and the guilty. In parallel, I produced a collage with time stamps according to my text messages or receipts issued, with events bleeding into one another. The process of gathering this information - viewing it as data - allowed me to expose the raw spectrum of my feelings, but ironically also offered me a more measured narrative. Life is complex and a range of feelings super-imposed on events can often lead me to overwhelming upset and disappointment. In this board, I avoided assigning any event as negative to explore alternative sense of the day as a new, more value-neutral survival mechanism.

Looking back on this day > two weeks later, my sense of the day remains balanced. I will attempt to hold onto this life strategy in future crises, though it is counter to my nature.

Board 5: Week Nuances

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