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The Bubbles Project

Bedhead Bubbles

I often imagined that I would sit outside and drink my coffee on cool Arizona mornings, but I would get swept up into the "shoulds" of the day. Bubbles helped me find a reason.

Mournful Bubbles

A friendly gesture of interest in the reason for my visit to Denton, Texas led to this set of bubbles in honor of my friend, T. Sometimes the compassion of strangers can be such a welcome surprise.

Breezy Bubbles

It was so nice to get a cross breeze at this outing for a 

Prayer Bubbles

Bubbles to send healing vibes out into the universe for a friend in need. She's no longer in touch. Life and friendship can be so tenuous.

Cheering Bubbles

I injured myself training for the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon. I really love the spirit of a competition, so I went to cheer on the runners anyway. This, with a surprising gift of a trumpet bubbler from one of my Pop-up supporters.

Texas Winter Bubbles

Things feel different in winter, and especially this one. Capturing the beautiful melancholy with bubbles.

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